Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

A well designed kitchen allows you to work fast and more conveniently and can create an orderly system so you workflow is not disrupted.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a kitchen renovation can make an amazing difference to the look and feel of your home. It can open up an out-dated kitchen into a modern living space and provide the bench space, cupboards and storage room that we all expect from today’s kitchens. A good kitchen renovation can enhance your living standards and make your kitchen an enjoyable place to be for all the family and guests.

New Kitchens

Beautiful new kitchens- affordable and functional

If you want the latest styles and designs, great work tops, sample storage and labour saving appliances, then you have come to the people who have had years of experience in this field. Alpine Kitchens has the ideas that fit your budget and lifestyle.

Our business practice means that we start and complete all types of work to the customers’ satisfaction. We are totally committed to safe working practices, and is OHS compliant. Safety always comes first.

Our New Kitchens Melbourne team can help you.

New Kitchens Melbourne – What Makes Our Kitchens The Right Choice?

Alpine Kitchens custom make every kitchen to fit in the required space, ensuring it’s right for you and your life, as well as minimising any inefficient use of space.

Alpine Kitchens Melbourne can provide:

  • Kitchen Re-modelling.
  • Design & Planning.
  • Kitchen Counter tops and storage ideas.
  • Bathroom Re-modelling.
  • Custom Cabinet Fitting & Design.
  • Space saving ideas throughout your home.
  • A free consultation and quote.


New Kitchens Melbourne – Alpine kitchens – creating quality designs for businesses and home owners. Give us a call on (03) 9769 0091

Well Planned Kitchens

Layout and Design

At Alpine Kitchens, regard layout as very important, as well as design. The layout and design of your kitchen impacts on functionality and how well you are able to move around within that space. We consider

  • How you plan to use the room;
  • How you use your kitchen
  • What types of meals you cook and what your likes and dislikes are to ensure that the final design meets your needs.


Central to the design of a kitchen is the work triangle or efficiency of a kitchen layout. At Alpine Kitchens, we use work triangle as a design tool that measures the space between the main work centres of the kitchen, namely the sink, oven/hob and refrigerator. Careful placement of these items ensures there is not too much or too little space between each.


Our staff will focus on the allocation of adequate worktop working space and set-down areas, particularly near to ovens and microwaves. Sufficient preparation space is vital in a highly-functional kitchen. To meet this need, you may want extras such as chopping boards, to help homeowners maximise the space available.


Storage in today’s kitchen takes a number of shapes and forms. The most obvious is the kitchen cupboard. Today’s kitchen design sees cupboards mainly installed above the worktop with a range of drawers under the bench. We will look for opportunities to utilise space for effective storage, which might include additional solutions such as a wine rack, spice drawer and tea towel holders.

Bathroom Units

Bathroom Renovations- new bathroom

We have years of experience in making bathroom units. We have a strong reputation in:

  • our attention to detail,
  • quality construction
  • and professional management of projects from initial consultation to the finished product.
  • elegant and complete solutions for your renovation needs, including your choice from a range of fittings.
  • Personalised service –we take you shopping and bring samples to your home to assist you in finding the right furnishings at the right price.

Benefits of a well presented bathroom

  • The highest standard of workmanship and customer service possible.
  • On time service with your specifications in mind- from small bathroom renovations and kitchens designs to larger jobs, we have you covered.
  • A full seven year guarantee.
  • A guarantee that your home will be left in its clean and tidy condition at the end of each day

The value of your home increases when you have a well-built kitchen & bathroom. Our team has many great design ideas, even for small spaces.

Commercial & Residential Projects

Residential Projects

Whether a new high rise apartment or individual home, our principles remain the same: progressive and innovative design, built to the highest standards using quality materials.

Commercial Projects

Providing cost efficient and flexible kitchen solutions, Alpine Kitchens has established a reputation for premium quality workmanship and innovative design within the commercial industry.